Jauna Muzika - Lux Caritatis
Record company: choir Jauna Muzika
Year of publication: 2010
Media: CD
Duration: 54'07
Price: 12 €
Purchase: choir administration, MILC,
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Lux caritatis
Lithuanian Choral Music Selection
Algirdas Martinaitis. Five Invocations to St. Francis
1.   Saluto alla Beata vergine Maria [5.14]
2.   Karati simcha Adonai mibor tanhijot [3.50]
3.   Ti adoriamo signore Gesu Christo [5.36]
4.   Birds of St. Francis of Assisi [2.58]
5.   Agnus Dei [4.38]
6.   Vaclovas Augustinas. Lux aeterna [9.08]
7.   Jurgita Mieželyte. O ignis Spiritus Paracliti [11.00]
Raminta Šerkšnyte. Aurei Regina Caeli 
8.   De D. Maria Magdalena [5.13]
9.   D. Magdalena sub cruce flens [1.31]
10.  Ad D. Virginem Matrem [4.54]
Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika, artistic director and conductor Vaclovas Augustinas
Nora Petrocenko, mezzo-soprano (7,10)
Lina Valioniene, soprano (10)  

Lux Caritatis is the second Vilnius City Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika CD from the series Lithuanian Choral Music Selection. The first CD was an overview of the secular creation of Lithuanian composers, the second CD subtly approaches the sacral music of modern authors. “Lux caritatis” in Latin means the light of love which one way or another fills in all the works contained in the CD. Four authors – four works, where each composer interprets the centuries-old text differently. Algirdas Martinaitis and Jurgita Mieželyte were inspired by the lives, activities and written heritage left by the people declared as saints; Raminta Šerkšnyte – by sacral poetry written by a XVII century Vilnius University professor; Vaclovas Augustinas – by the prayer of the dead and the next life mystery.

Hence in these works all the composers reconstruct, interpret and express deeply the subjects of spirituality, life, death and faith in their own way.