M.K.Čiurlionis - Folk Songs for Choirs
Record company: Semplice
Year of publication: 2000
Media: CD
Duration: 54'53
Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
Folk Songs for Choirs
  1. Oh Forest, Forest [2'22]
  2. I Was Feeding My Steed [1'59]
  3. I Am Lost, Dear Mother [1'53]
  4. A Birch-tree Once Stood Here [3'19]
  5. Get up, Dear Daughter [1'59]
  6. Orphan [2'04]
  7. The Dawn Is Breaking [3'42]
  8. I Asked God [2'34]
  9. There's a Willow-tree on a Hill [0'52]
  10. Those Present, Dear Brothers of the Bride [2'08]
  11. The Sister Went Out [2'22]
  12. A Dark Night Will Fall [2'00]
  13. I Woke up Early in the Morning [1'22]
  14. In One Little Yard [0'44]
  15. I Was Making Garden Beds [3'31]
  16. Orphan Girl [2'02]
  17. When We Were Growing Up [2'31]
  18. Stretch Away, Fields [1'34]
  19. On the Other Side of the Nemunas [3'20]
  20. Soldier [3'11]
  21. My Mother Sent Me Away [2'11]
  22. Promised to Be Married off so Far Away [1'29]
  23. Two Brothers Were Standing [1'44]
  24. Oh My Mother [1'02]
  25. The Song of Songs [1'05]
Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika, artistic director and conductor Vaclovas Augustinas

All choral compositions by Ciurlionis can be divided into three groups: original compositions with religious texts (1898–1902), harmonised and adapted folk songs (1905–09) and compositions to lyrics by Sofija Kymantaite-Ciurlioniene (1908–09).

Monotony of rhythm is one of the most important qualities of our songs and, I dare day, the most beautiful one. This monotony endows them with noble serenity, and as you listen to them longer, you start to feel their deep mysticism... There are many similar classical compositions, <...> but those melodies, genuine ancient songs born in the depths of the soul make the strongest impact on us and have the power of fascination", wrote Ciurlionis in his article About Music.

From 1995–2000 Jonas Petronis' publishing house published complete choral compositions by Ciurlionis. The latest publication is Folk Songs for Choirs that include all currently known harmonised songs by Ciurlionis, many of them published for the first time. The collection is prepared after the composer's autographs (sound scores and individual voice parts) held at M. K. Criulionis National Museum of Art in Kaunas and J. Žilevicius and J. Kreivenas' archives of Lithuanian musicology in Chicago. The present CD edition is recorded on the basis of this new updated collection of Ciurlionis' harmonized folk songs.