Noam Sheriff. Psalms of Jerusalem (1995)
Record company: Col legno
Year of publication: 2000
Media: CD
Duration: 50'24
WWE 1CD 20061
Noam Sheriff. Psalms of Jerusalem
for tenor, bass, choir and orchestra (1995)
  1. I Ash'rei / Beatus vir [7'21]
  2. Etnachta I / Intermezzo I [2'38] 
  3. II Kir'yah / Kyrie [8'12] 
  4. III Hallel / Laudate [4'05] 
  5. Etnachta II / Intermezzo II [1'31] 
  6. IV Ani Ma'a'min / Credo [6'30] 
  7. V Al Na'ha'rot Ba'vel / Super flumina Babylonis [4'32] 
  8. VI Barchi / Benedic Anima [6'05] 
  9. Etnachta III / Intermezzo III [2'20]
  10. VII Haleluya / Alleluja [6'58]
Lithuanian State Symphonic Orchestra, conductor Noam Sheriff
Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika, artistic director and conductor Vaclovas Augustinas
Vilnius Mixed Choir, conductor Jurijus Kalcas
Siauliai University Choir Studium, conductor Gediminas Ramanauskas
Adam Zdunikowski, tenor
Ignas Misiura, bass

Psalms of Jerusalem is the third of a trilogy of compositions of vocal works, that deal with themes whose sources stem deep with Judaism. These psalms does not apply to any particular historic period; its title bears witness to its inner content and the search for solidarity, unity and symmetry of the spirit and body which is an integral part of Judaism as composer understands it.