„Lithuanian Choral Music Selection“ (2011)
Record company: choir Jauna Muzika
Year of publication: 2011
Media: CD
Duration: 54'49
Price: 12 €
Purchase: choir administration, MILC,
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Vladas Jakubėnas. Choral Music
Lithuanian Choral Music Selection
  1. O I would Go [3'25]
  2. The Song of Exiles [4'22]
  3. The Mother‘s Tongue [5'12]
  4. In the Evening Prayer [5'12]
  5. Many Lovers I have had [3'21]
  6. Hush, Little Sister [1'18]
  7. Jesus, Thou art my Life [3'45]
  8. O, if I could See Him [2'47]
  9. Here I am, o King of Glory [4'36]
  10. In Silence Thou art Celebrated [2'14]
  11. Across the Seas, Across Nemunas River [1'39]
  12. Oh Father is Giving Away [1'50]
  13. I was Walking in my Garden [3'16]
  14. Hey Growing Growing [2'19]
  15. Grandmother was Raising [3'19]
  16. High Hills, Plain Meadows [1'52]
  17. A Birdy is Rocking and Swinging [1'56]
  18. Across the Seas [2'26]
Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika, artistic director and conductor Vaclovas Augustinas
Vladas Jakubenas in the Lithuanian music culture has a reputation of a personality of multibranched cultural and social activity, unusual diligence, sense of duty and tolerance. He was a solid composer of moderate modern trend and the most prominent music publicist of his times. In this record Vilnius City Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika and its artistic director and chief conductor Vaclovas Augustinas interpret Vladas Jakubenas’ choral works with a tune of artistry and lyricism, providing with a possibility to hear the author’s choral music works in a wider extent and more comprehensively. This is a third CD from the series of Lithuanian Choral Music Selection initiated by the choir.