Zoom in 8. New Music from Lithuania
Record company: MILC
Year of publication: 2010
Media: CD
Duration: 61'06
Zoom in 8
New Music from Lithuania
1.   Ramunas Motiekaitis. Symphonie de Septembre [7'57]
2.   Šarunas Nakas. Icon of Fire. In memoriam Algirdas Doveika [8'37]
Marius Baranauskas. Three Visions after Tagore
3.   Ever in My Life [2'55]
4.   I Boasted Among Men [3'52]
5.   In My Salutation to Thee [4'07]
Bronius Kutavicius. Penkios Sigito miniatiuros
6.   Awakening [3'09]
7.   Resignation [3'35]
8.   Twilight [2'19]
9.   Akslebanto Brilijanto [2'27]
10.  Time to Leave [2'40]
11.  Juste Janulyte. Elongation of Nights [8'11]
12.  Onute Narbutaite. Lapides, flores, nomina et sidera. Corona stellarum [10'44]
Latvia Radio Choir, conductor Sigvards Klava, James Wood (1, 3-5)
Agne Doveikaite, violin; Vidas Vekerotas, alto; Giedrius Gelgotas, flute; Juste Gelgotaite, oboe; Andrius žiura, clarinet; Kristijonas Doveika, trumpet; Danielis Rubinas, double bass; Sonata Mikule, piano (2)
Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna Muzika, artistic director and conductor Vaclovas Augustinas (6-10, 12)
Vilnius Quartet; Albina Šikšniute, piano (6-10)
Sinfonietta Riga, conductor Normunds Šne (11)
Valentinas Gelgotas, flute; Domas Memenas, trumpet; Rimantas Valancius, trombone (12)

More than half of the compositions in this CD are choral with a choir playing different roles in all of them. Symphonie de Septembre by Ramunas Motiekaitis, written using texts by Oscar Milosz, is presented in this recording by the Latvian Radio Choir, one of the best performers of contemporary choral music. The composition emerges as a glimpse of impressionist musical poetry where the beauty of text, with all of its meanings, gains exclusive importance. Three Visions After Tagore by Marius Baranauskas exploits voice as a boundless source of sound transformation. The musical texture, interwoven with Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry, scintillates here with different colours, timbres and means of sound producing. Bronius Kutavicius’ Sigitas’ Five Miniatures (texts by Sigitas Geda) and Corona stellarum, the fourth part from Onute Narbutaite’s Lapides, flores, nomina et sidera, recorded by the Jauna Muzika Chamber Choir, approach to other traditions of performance, such as the liturgical litany chant and a folk-style recitative.

The CD also features two instrumental pieces, Elongation of Nights for string orchestra by Juste Janulyte and Icon of Fire for instrumental ensemble by Šarunas Nakas. Both compositions fit into the disc’s thematic context marked with contemplation over a human being, departure, resignation, sacral experiences and autumn melancholy.