Eastern Winds

Friday, 7th February 2014, 7pm

Vilnius St. Catherine Church (Vilniaus st. 30) 



New year - new winds, brings the most beautiful choral music melodies of the East to the St. Catherine‘s church. Vilnius Municipality choir „Jauna Muzika“, this time conducted by young and perspective choirmaster Egidijus Kaveckas, will give us a chance to know a little bit of the choral music from the Far East, both its simplicity and splendour at the same time, to be the part of musical ritual.
The program will include fresh winds from Japan, Philippines, India, New Zealand, China. Rythm, elements of dance, percussion sound imitations using only voices characteristic in eastern music, will dominate in all of the pieces.
Vilnius Municipality choir „Jauna Muzika“
(artistic director and conductor Vaclovas Augustinas)
Egidijus Kaveckas
More information:
Tickets: 13 Lt, www.bilietai.lt