Siela niekada nenutyla

Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 20:00

Vilnius St. Catherine Church (Vilniaus st. 30)

Before we came something that nobody has been able to destroy, silencing, shot or burned. In the days when it was not possible to talk, play, write, go for the fenced area to laugh, and even smile, ghetto people sang while working, waiting in line for soup or bread, some suffered from hunger or pain. Ghetto people wrote in hiding places, on window sills, staircases or holes. They wrote in separate notebooks, and hid them in order to save for the future generations. In songs, poems, annals they wrote not only their history, in it you can feel something sacred, something that managed to survive the destruction.
Yiddish songs, Lithuanian and Jewish poems as well as excerpts from the ghetto prisoners chronicles.
Dainius Jozėnas (piano)
Gintaras Mikalauskas (actor)
Jūratė Vilūnaitė (actress)
Vilnius Municipal Choir “Jauna Muzika”
Vaclovas Augustinas
Admission is free