FROM DARKNESS INTO LIGHT / Vilnius 2020 10 30

FROM DARKNESS INTO LIGHT / Vilnius 2020 10 30

2020 October 30 19:00, St. Catherine’s Church (Vilniaus St. 30, Vilnius)

John Tavener, Max Richter, Vidmantas Bartulis

New music / Mettis

The choir “Jauna muzika” and the string quartet “Mettis” invite fans of choral music to immerse themselves in an oasis of peace, the magic of the sounds of music, where warmth and light will touch and fade. It is symbolic that “From Darkness to Light” will sound just before All Saints’ Day. The concert will take place in St. Catherine’s Church on October 30, 7PM. The choir will be accompanied by excellent Lithuanian performers – string quartet “Mettis” (Kostas Tumosa (violin), Bernardas Petrauskas (violin), Karolis Rudokas (viola), Rokas Vaitkevičius (cello). Povilas Jacunskas (cello) will also take part in the concert. Compositions by John Tavener, Max Richter and Vidmantas Bartulis.

John Tavener – Today the Virgin (1989)
John Tavener – The Lamb (1982)
John Tavener – Funeral Ikos (1981). In memory of Salomėja Jonynaitė
John Tavener – The Bridegroom (1999)
Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight (2004)
Vidmantas Bartulis – Saulute šviesioji (2011). In memory of Vidmantas Bartulis
John Tavener – Mother of God, here I stand (2004)
John Tavener – As one who has slept (1996)

Vilnius City Municipality Choir “Young Music” (conductor and artistic director Vaclovas Augustinas)
Povilas Jacunskas (cello)
Mettis Quartet: Kostas Tumosa (violin), Bernardas Petrauskas (violin), Karolis Rudokas (viola), Rokas Vaitkevicius (cello)
Conductor Vaclovas Augustinas

During the event, safety measures will be taken and all requirements and recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the COVID-19 virus will be followed. The seats in the hall will be without numbering, with recommended spacing between spectators. Spectators and staff will be required to wear protective equipment covering their nose and mouth throughout the event. Nasal and oral protective equipment shall not be worn by persons with disabilities who are unable to wear such protective equipment due to their state of health.

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The fee of 1 Eur applied by UAB Tiketa is not included, it is not subject to a discount.